Conscious Parenting


Mom and Dad I am compeled to discuss a subject affecting the whole world today that breaks my heart, gun violence. It brings me to tears every single time I see a story on mass shootings or any shootings for that matter. Why would someone intentionally set out to hurt so many innocent people? Why don’t people value human life? Of course many of us can’t understand why and frankly that’s a good thing. This is an uber political conversation, so I’m not going there because that is only part of the issue in my opinion. Let’s be real guns have always been available and always will be. The last time I checked it’s the person pulling the trigger who makes the decision to hurt someone. Fact of the matter is, the United States was built on the right to bear arms, so I get it. Would I like to live in a world with better gun control or without them? Heck yeah! So on to other solutions within our control.
Hate, mental issues, stress, bullying, revenge, entitlement…. The list goes on and on as to why people decide to go and commit these horiffic acts. None of them make it ok. I feel we can each do our part to make our world a better place and it starts at home. All of you who follow my blog know I am passionate about making family first and bringing balance back into our lives.  Well, we may not be able to fix the entire country, but we can raise the children in our homes. Being a parent is more than providing food, shelter and clothing. It is just as important that we focus on raising compassionate and competent human beings. Because of the world we live in, it is difficult to really engage on a daily basis. The “worlds” focus has become the “homes” focus… technology, politics, status, test scores, money, who has the biggest boat. Did I say technology? Love it, but it is killing our engagement. Life today is an entirely different level of “Keeping up with the Jones’s”. The rat race has taken over the golden rules of life, but we can change this is we are conscious parents. 

Conscious parenting is being tuned in to see when your child may be going through something, but not saying the words. Conscious parenting is correcting them when you see them being disrespectful to anyone. Conscious parenting is taking a step back every single day to engage and talk to your children about life. Teach them about options and finding solutions. I know some are saying I do this all the time, good for you and keep up the good work! I can relate to the busy parents who are working hard to provide a great lifestyle for their children and too busy to get those magic moments in. I also know when you are on the hamster wheel daily doing homework, football, cheerleading, cooking, cleaning, bath, bedtime engagement goes by the wayside. Stop and smell the roses everyday and make time for what is important. Take advantage of those moments in the car or while you are running bath water and talk to you children about life and helping them understand how to deal with challenges in life. This will not fix our gun violence or mental health issues we have in this country, but teaching children how to think, be compassionate and work through challenges will improve how they adapt to the real world as adults. Being an engaged parent will allow you to see if there are other issues that need to be addressed professionally. After all we don’t want out leaders of tomorrow having meltdowns on Capitol Hill…ijs. Hope this sparks something for a few of you to step off the wheel and focus on what is important, your family.

Coach Kyla

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