The Sky Is Falling… Mom is Sick!!!


I started my week off with my normal routine and plans for work and my second job “family”. Out of the blue I get smacked in the eye (literally) with conjunctivitis and an ear infection. Now I know why kids scream bloody murder with an ear infection… OMG this was painful! 

The world has stopped on its’ axis because mom is out of commission. What next??? The laundry pile keeps growing and growing. Dinner becomes soup and sandwiches or frozen pizza.  And forget about homework. What in the world??? Mom could not be the only one holding everything together…

Times have changed thankfully and operating a household has become a joint effort in many households. Dad is fully capable of stepping in with a little coaching and practice. Now is the time to prepare for days like this. Mom’s it is time to put dad and older siblings in training camp! You deserve rest when you are sick too and you know the longer you push yourself the longer you stay sick. So sit back, get the remote and your little bell, your team has it all under control. So a few rules to get your team trained up…
Establish Schedules and Routines– It is imperative that everyone understands the flow of your household. They should know how important it is to follow the schedule and routines. The kids are on board and so is dad, guess what they’ve got it when you are down mom. Even if the babies are too young to be involved, dad will have an idea of what happens next. Get everyone involved on a regular basis and ask for suggestions. Keeping a schedule of family activities in your family notebook would be ideal.
Team Work– Give your family a team name! Kids think this is really cool. Get everyone involved daily with the routines and get their feedback. Family meetings sound corny, but quite effective. Studies show if people are involved in making decisions, they are more inclined to comply. Kids and dads included…lol!
Praise– Everyone loves to be praised, even for the small things. Tell dad how proud you are of him for not skipping a beat while you were out of commission. You just might get dinner a couple nights a week from now on. Kids love feeling like they are helping mommy. They get so tickled to know that mom and dad are proud of them. Stickers, certificates or just words of encouragement will last a lifetime.

Try some of these tips and I promise you will be surprised how you team will perform!

Coach Kyla

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  1. Lorraine
    Nov 18, 2015 @ 21:26:10

    Awesome!! A family working together is always a blessing. Not having all of the work on one person (usually Mom) makes it so much more rewarding.

    Liked by 1 person


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