Acts of Service

 The first 30 days of 2016 πŸŽ‰πŸΎπŸŽ‰is almost over and some of us are still reflecting on how we will become better people this year. Boy that was quick! Some of us are peacefully recovering from the hustle and bustle of the holidays and finally able to exhale. Ahhhhhhh….. Some have new years resolutions, some have vision boards and some just focus on being better than they were the year before. Congratulations on all of the above! Don’t get caught up in what other people call it, just focus on the actions that will propel you into greatness!
During the holidays we often think about acts of service, but do you ask yourself why don’t we think of this all year long? Ok, I am so guilty of this and vow to do much better this year. Acts of service is vital for a multitude of reasons. Teaching our children how to be kind and thoughtful to others, is a parents responsibility. It is very easy for them to see acts of service outside of your home, but what are we showing them as parents? Often times they will participate in the toy drive at school or see the kind souls ringing the bell as they shop with mom and dad during the holidays. Most of us are guilty of not volunteering our time and talents consistently. I get it, life gets in the way. This is why I am bring attention to this important topic. I am challenging you to make some changes this year for a few of reasons. You are teaching your children so many valuable lessons like compassion, kindness and in some cases the result of the choices you make in life. Mom and dad, you are touching someone else’s life in a major way. You may never know what kind of impact your selfless actions may have on another human being. Volunteering opens your eyes to the rest of the world outside of our little bubble. Lastly, you will just feel good! Helping others in need is a humbling experience and will prompt you to reflect and think about how blessed and fortunate you really are. In the process, you are teaching your children many virtues of life.
If you are wondering how in the heck can you add one more thing to you life, the answer is you can if it is a priority. The beautiful thing about volunteering is any time is appreciated. I’m not even joking… Just start with a few hours a quarter and you will be surprised on how you make it fit into your life. 
I only gave you a few reason on why we should be helping others and teaching our children to do the same, but there are so many more. I hope you find it in your spirit to share your time and talents with others, we need you!
Coach Kyla

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  1. Janel Nipper
    Jan 30, 2016 @ 21:27:33

    This is a great article, even for those without kids. As an adult with no kids, I often find ways and excuses not to volunteer. Believing that my donations to the man or woman on this side of the road is equally compatible to donating my time. I will definitely learn to dedicate a “few hours per quarter.”

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