Keep It Together Girls…

My friends and family would venture to say I live in sweats and comfy clothing 70% of the time. I would say it use to be more like 90% of the time until I recognized the error of my ways…lol! After being married a few years and being a mom I found that comfort is a priority when you finally get some time to yourself. Who wants to cook and clean in a full face of make up and your $200 pair of jeans??? (Shhh… It’s a secret, your hubby😊). Well, I’m sure some do but I’m not that chick most days.
Let’s be honest ladies, after working 50 hours on you main job and another 30 on your second (mom, wife, dog wrangler, housekeeper, etc.) you just want comfy. I can so relate and I think we all deserve that sometimes, but… We have to keep it sexy too! It’s not about anyone else but you! Yes others benefit from you looking and feeling good, but no one benefits like you Mom! Playing in your make-up and closet makes you feel oh so good! Think about how sexy you feel when your hair, nails and make-up are on point. I know the energy it takes to get fancy and you are wondering why do all of this when you have no where to go. I can assure you honey, you are going somewhere…. He appreciates your efforts!
After years have raising children, I get it, it’s hard to get out for a night on the town on a regular basis. Heck, just having the energy to go out is a feat in itself for most of us. Not to fret, I have a solution for you… You can bring the party home even if the kids are not asleep, any day of the week! Spend your Saturday morning cooking with your make-up on and wearing something kind of sexy. Flirt with your partner and find new ways to engage with him to keep the relationship thriving. Of course you can’t go overboard with the kiddos around, but lipstick and yoga pants go a long way!
Women love attention no matter how you slice it and men are visual creatures. Put on the red lips and go to work💋! His first reaction will be shock because his woman is looking hot just for the hell of it…ha! Then he is super pumped and feeling special because of the effort you put in just for him. In reality, this was not just for him, it is about you too. So take the time to get into you and do something for you just because. If you look good, you feel good and everyone benefits!
Koach Kyla


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